Jack IGC News 28/07 #1

TITLE: Polylithic: Valhiem meets the Paleolithic Era Polylithic is a brand-new indie game that comes to us from the folks over at PolyPerfect. Polylithic is a 3rd persona-crafting survival game set in the Paleolithic/Neolithic Era. The game will allow the players to explore this beautiful Era and craft, build, and even grow a mighty tribe… Continue reading Jack IGC News 28/07 #1

Indie Game Culture News Test Jack

Streamer Asmongold blows up Indie darlin gem Halls of Torment. (TITLE) Streamer Asmongold recently took to his stream to play a game he promised to play,¬†Halls of Torment.¬†Little did his viewers know what they were in for. Asmongold immediately took to the stream, calling. Halls of Torment, his “Favorite game,” and shortly after this stream,… Continue reading Indie Game Culture News Test Jack